The Sanctuary


Packed Lunches

We have a tasty variety of packed lunches available. Your choice of brown or white quality bread, with butter. Please let us know what you'd like in advance, so we can make sure we have all the ingredients nice and fresh.

With all of the sandwiches, the price includes these three "ABC" extras:

Biscuit (Chocolate KitKat or similar in cool weather, or a cereal biscuit bar in hot weather)
Crisps (one packet, various flavours available)

We can get gluten-free options on request, please let us know in advance so we can get them fresh (not frozen).
Gluten-free bread rolls : 75p extra.
Gluten-free biscuits/cereal bar : 50p extra.

Our current sandwich selection (from 1st March 2023)

  Red Pepper and Houmous £5.50
  Red Pepper and Houmous and salad £6.60
  Egg mayonnaise £5.50
  Egg mayonnaise and salad £6.60
  Cheese and pickle £6.05
  Cheese and salad £6.60
  Tuna mayonnaise £5.50
  Tuna mayonnaise and salad £6.60
  Chicken mayonnaise £6.50
  Chicken mayonnaise and salad £7.40
  Ham and mustard £6.30
  Ham and salad £7.40
  Ham, cheese and pickle £7.90
  Ham, cheese and salad £8.30
  Ham, cheese, pickle and salad (Ploughmans) £8.80

What else would you like on the menu?
"Bacon, Egg & Tomato" and "Sausage Egg & Tomato"?
More vegetarian options?
Please let us know.