The Sanctuary


About the design of this website

Serendipitously and auspiciously, the science and art of web design has its own Grael, called the "Holy Grael CSS layout", as a quest for the very best web page structures. Typically with a header, several columns, and a footer. Just like this!

For anyone interested in the history of the Holy Grail CSS layout, this A List Apart article has a good summary of the quest. The move towards responsive designs suitable for mobile and tablet devices has added an extra dimension to all this. This web site is using a CSS3 Flexbox responsive design. That means pure and proper CSS and no nasty Javascript hacks. Guidelines on how to do that are here.

To improve performance and security, and minimise the demand on your internet bandwidth, all dynamic coding on this website is generated server-side (shared by the web server and Postgres SQL server). Also, with an absolute minimum of Javascript, and definitely no bandwidth-hogging Javascript library add-ons.

To respect your privacy, this website also contains no annoying adverts and absolutely no tracking scripts. You can prove this to your own satisfaction with the Ublock Origin ad-blocker and the Ghostery browser extensions.

A similar design has been used for Grael UK.